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Terms and conditions of Simple Live contract

1. Subject of service

  • Under this agreement, C GROUP SA, hereinafter referred to as the "Company", based in Athens at 303 Mesogeion Ave., grants the counterparty, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer", the use of the Simple Live service for the agreed price.

  • Simple Live is a suite of restaurants and other business management applications, with the optional use of a tax mechanism, option to upload data to servers of C GROUP SA and monitor statistics for the above data from the customer via the Internet.

  • Technical support for how to use, but also any errors causing the application to stop working, is carried out by a partner / reseller of the company, hereinafter "seller", according to the terms agreed between them. In some cases of "seller" it may be the company itself.

  • The Simple Live service is provided according to the company's current price list, which is posted on its website. The service is subscription and the customer is charged at the beginning of each month for the services of the suite he has chosen. The company has the right to freely change its price list without prior notice to the customer, always posting it on its website.


2.Conditions of use

  • The client must have a computer running Windows 10.

  • The client, in order to operate all Simple functions, needs hardware such as: 80mm thermal printers, touch screens, tablets and smartphones with android 5.0+ and ios6 + operating system, barcode scanners, switch, routers, access points, tax mechanisms etc, which are NOT provided to him in the Simple Live service.

  • The customer must have an internet connection of at least 1mbps from any provider.


3. General terms

  • The company has the right to discontinue Simple Live in case of non-compliance with the terms of the contract.

  • The purchase of the service is equivalent to the abolition of any other SIMPLE service.

  • The company is not responsible for damage to the equipment used by Simple Live (computers, switches, printers, etc.) nor for incompatibilities of the customer's equipment.

  • The company has the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue the service due to non-timely payment of a corresponding service invoice for the service.

  • The customer, whether has connected Simple Live with a tax mechanism or not, is obliged to issue the legal documents for each transaction with a customer, according to the laws of his country. The company and the seller bear no responsibility for non-compliance of the customer with the provisions of the current legislation.

  • The service and this contract are not transferred from the customer to a third party.

  • The courts of Athens become competent for any dispute between the parties.


4. Duration


  • The contract is set for an indefinite period.

  • The customer may terminate this contract unilaterally at any time, without having to pay any further subscription until then, by clicking "decativate" button on his Simple Live account. In any other case, the service is automatically renewed for another month and the corresponding invoice is issued.



5. Obligations-Provisions C GROUP SA

  • The company is obliged to provide the Simple Live service and the additional services that the customer has purchased during the contract, whenever available.

  • The Simple Live suite and additional services and programs are provided "as is" and "as available" and are not adapted to the individual requirements of the customer, neither in terms of functions nor performance.

  • Updates are issued based on the best and fastest use of the suite, as well as the addition of new features. In case the customer does not agree with any of the changes, the company does not bear any responsibility, nor is it obliged to withdraw them.

  • In order to deal with incidents related to the security and / or integrity of data or any threats or other vulnerabilities of its systems, the company shall take appropriate and technically appropriate measures , such as: (a) stopping network traffic from or to parts of the network involved in or associated with actions against the security and integrity of the company's services, (b) discontinuation of services.


6. Customer liabilities

  • The customer bears sole responsibility for the validity and correctness of his data in the contract application.

  • The customer is obliged to know in updating  the company any change in his details, in particular his invoice details and his contact e-mail.

  • Customer invoices are issued by the company every month and the customer can find them in the online Simple live suite, by logging in to the Simple Live account. The company can send the invoices and inform the customer about any overdue debt in the e-mail that the customer has declared. Customer invoices may be issued by the seller if this has been agreed in writing between the seller and the company. In this case the invoices are not available in the online suite. In case of termination of the contractual relationship between the company and the seller, the seller becomes the company, which now provides the customer with all the services, in accordance with its own contractual terms. Advanced payments made by the customer to the seller for the service for a period of more than a month do not apply to the company.

  • The customer is fully and exclusively liable to the company for the payment of the invoices for the services provided to him, within ten days from their issuance.

  • The customer must act diligently and take all security measures (eg frequent change of passwords, prohibition of use by third parties, etc.) to prevent the illegal use of his personal information on the Internet, as the "User Name" "(Username) and the" Password "(password) are granted to him for strictly personal use. In case of loss of the "Password" of the customer or its use by a third party, with or without the consent of the customer, the customer must immediately notify the company by sending an e-mail to its Customer Service Department. Throughout the interim period, until the aforementioned e-mail of the customer is received by the company, the costumer is fully and exclusively responsible for any damage caused to the customer or the company and the illegal and / or wrong use of the services. .


7. Technical support

  • The technical support of the application, as well as the training on how it works, is done by the seller. The details of how, when and under what conditions the technical support is carried out are determined by agreement between the customer and the seller. The company has no obligation to provide technical support to the customer, unless otherwise agreed.



8. Data protection

  • The company retains the personal data of the customer, which it has provided and what it will later modify with a written statement, until the customer requests their deletion or for as long as required to fulfill a legal obligation or to safeguard a legitimate interest. The data will be used by the company to fulfill the objectives of the contract, to inform the customer about the company's services, to send invoices, to upgrade the system and to update debts. They will also be used to safeguard legal interests and comply with legal obligations.

  • The company reserves the right to use the personal data of the customer, as well as the data that exist in its database, in order to improve the management of its customer base and the promotion of its products.

  • The company will not forward or disclose the details and databases to any third party.

  • The customer is entitled to request the deletion of his data and data with a written request.

  • The company does not guarantee the security of data transmitted through networks used by the customer.

  • The company is obliged to keep the customer's data on servers owned by it or leased servers dedicated or not up to 2 months after the last termination of the contract between customer and company.

  • The customer database is stored in Microsoft SQL Database through the AZURE service.

  • The customer is required to comply with current European legislation on the protection of personal data of third parties in his database. Third parties, whose personal data have been collected and stored by the customer in the database, are informed about their management by the customer. The company does not have access to or process the above personal data of third parties. The company in these cases acts as the executor of the processing, according to the explicit instructions of the customer, as they are reflected in these terms.

  • The customer is solely responsible for accessing the Simple Live database. The company does not know the customer's password (encrypted code) and cannot give access to other users on this basis.

  • The company uses the https (Secure Sockets Layer SSL) encryption protocol to access the customer on the simple live page

  • By logging in to the Simple Live service, the server  can record the client's IP address along with the date and time of connection, as well as any errors and data that caused them. The above are kept in special files (log files) for as long as it is required to fulfill the objectives of the contract, the security of the company's systems, to ensure the exercise of its legal claims and the fulfillment of legal obligations.


9. Responsibility

  • The Company, its employees, sellers or other representatives, has no responsibility, under any circumstances, for any subsequent, incidental, indirect damages or expenses or fines and penalties, including, but not limited to, profitable, escapes. termination of operation of the business, loss of information or data, or loss of customers, loss or damage of property, and any claims of third parties arising out of or in connection with the use, copying, or presentation of this application or its contents or any other related site or application, whether the company has been advised, knew or should have known this possibility.


10. Force majeure 

  • The company is not responsible for any interruption, delay or deterioration in the quality of services due to reasons attributed to force majeure. Reasons for force majeure include, for example and not restrictive, wars (declared or not), strikes, public unrest, accidents, fires, floods, storms, earthquakes or other natural phenomena, terrorist acts, sabotage, government sanctions or Greek bans, acts other authorities, commercial exclusion, interruption or damage to the fixed public telecommunications network or to third party telecommunications networks, court decisions, prosecutorial orders, replacement of the copper network, etc.


Annex: My-food terms.
11. The service

  • The my-food service is an additional service of Simple Live and is provided at an additional cost to the subscribers of the Simple Live service. With the my-food service, the company provides the customer with a food / beverage distribution service, an online platform through which third-party users (hereinafter "consumers") can register and place online orders. Consumers sign up for the service via a username password or login via facebook. The customer does not have access to information about registration informations, nor the username / password of the consumers.

  • The customer applies  the final prices of their products including all taxes and other expenses.

  • The company has no responsibility for the quality of customer service to the consumer, the relationship between them and any dispute or disagreement.

  • The company does not control and is not responsible for the data entered by consumers. It is not responsible for any untrue or misleading information or for offensive, immoral, racist, etc. content uploaded by users.

12. Third party data

  • In the context of providing the service to the customer, personal data of consumers are collected through the platform, such as name, address, telephone number, etc. The customer is obliged to comply with the current European and Greek legislation on personal data protection, is responsible for safety and their use and should use this data only in the context of achieving the purpose of distributing food to consumers.

  • The customer is obliged to respond to a special field in the SimpleLive link suite with his data protection policy, in order for consumers to have access to it.

  • The customer has the ability to send consumers promotional e-mails (newsletter) only if he has the consent of these persons, which they can give when registering.

13. Payments

  • The consumer during the completion of his order can choose how to pay by card or cash.

  • In case the consumer chooses cash, the customer must collect the cash from the consumer upon delivery of the order.

  • In case the consumer chooses a card, the company receives the price from the consumer and the amount is credited to the customer's account. The consumer is charged through redirection to a certified payment institution. In case for any reason the service from the customer to the consumer is not completed (eg the products are sold out), the customer can through his account (SimpleLive) to choose to refund customer within twelve hours from of the order.

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