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διαχείριση_παραγωγής_σε καταστήματα_εστίασης
Prepare: Organizing your production!
Prepare kitchen display system organizes and improves the performance of your production . 
Connect production and Service

Your orders appear at the displays immediately after the order from the waiter.

Get ahead of the production with summary of same items features

The Prepares are connected to each other and it is possible to update one in case a product is ready in another 

Order history

A digital Chef

Support of meal courses for an impeccable Service

Enter the preparation times of the dishes so that prepare will inform about when to start preparing a dish for a proper table service.

Waiter notification

When an order is ready, how do you call the waiter?

Prepare can send notifications to waiters' devices or smartwatches when to call them!

Preparation reports

Reports on the average and maximum preparation time of each dish

Hourly serving time reports to know when your production is behind

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