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Take control!
Simple Live's cloud platform helps you fully control your business from wherever you are. 
Make decisions based on your numbers

Detailed sales reports

Cash flow analysis (Sources of income-expenses)

Log book of orders and user log

Reports on discounts and cancellations

Daily summary reports


Automatic cashout update at closing via SMS

Manage multiple stores!

In Simple's Live suite you can do everything, from anywhere, however many stores you have.


Link items and users to more than one store

Change online your store settings

Aggregate statistics for multiple stores

Transfer of raw materials from store to store

Clock in personnel - Payroll

Do not lose control in relation to the arrival, departure and payroll of your staff.

Shift Start-End System with employee code

Salary modification on holidays and night hours

Payroll reports

Inventory and food cost management

Simple Live has the most comprehensive system  warehouse management, food cost control and menu engineering reports.

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