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Our story

Simple Software was founded in 2012 by people in the restaurant industry with one mission: to create the simplest restaurant software. We started with point of sales core product and now, through continuous innovation, we offer an all-in-one restaurant management system and we are the technological leader in restaurant software in the Greek market.


Our core values

We are focused

We are always focused on our goal, which is to make great software. So we say "No" and take difficult decisions if it is necessary to stay on target.

We have passion

We love what we do and believe that this is the most important trait a team member can have

We are our word

We follow the fine line of honesty. We have clear subscription plans and want to build strong long-term relationships of trust with both our employees and our customers

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One vision.. One version

Focusing on our goal is the key to our success. Everything at Simple is about our product and how to improve it. The needs of the clients and every new idea that we want to add to our suite, is implemented after serious thought and careful planning. New features are available in every release for everyone, at the same time. 

Every day a new store comes into the world of Simple Live Pos

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