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Food delivery

Serve your orders faster, improve staff productivity and keep your customers coming back!

Conquer your area!

Accept phone and online orders and manage your fleet, achieving the best result.

Piece of cake! The easiest interface

Your orders on an interactive map

Caller id and customer order log


Online orders 

Online ordering now dominates the food delivery sector. Don't waste any more time re-entering them into your system. Simple is connected to the biggest platforms Efood, Wolt and fagi to take off the time in your cash registers. Do you have your own e-shop? we offer open api to connect with it too.

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Is it worth giving up to 15% of your turnover for orders that now belong to you?
OnLine orders without commission

Your own OnLine application for delivery orders

With Simple's My Food Online service, your customers will place their food orders online, through your own platform, without sharing your turnover with anyone.

Won't take a piece of your revenue

Upload your photos 

Facebook login

Multi language 

Completely organize your distribution with Roads. The app for your distributors. 

An application and
the delivery

Fleet tracing 

Payments on your phone

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Connected with google maps

One touch to call customer

Knowledge is power!

Knowledge is power!

With the Simple Live Suite you'll feel like you're truly in control of your  of your business from wherever you are!

Fleet performance reports 

Track income expenses and reports for the accounting 

All your reports include discounts and cancellations for a transparent operation

Keep in touch with
your customers

Keep your customers loyal, with a series of marketing tools. 

Loyalty system

Learn what your customers think with feedback

CRM functionality 


Issue discount vouchers

Restaurant pos system

Warehouse management and
food cost analysis

Take control of raw materials with the best warehouse and food cost management platform.

Control your food wastage 

Price changing log

Theoretical vs Actual food cost

Send orders to suppliers via email and SMS

Your stock Live

Menu engineering algorithm 

The next level of Kitchen Display System 

Take a step further in organizing your production with Prepare by  Simple. 

Multiple Kitchen displays with various functionalities   

Improve your service with plate sums

Call waiter with notification


Synchronize between kitchen posts

Food courses functionality 

Start today from hidden charges. Change package or cancel any time.



Cloud management suite

Online catalog

Unlimited print posts

Customer loyalty system

24-hour technical support 

+€6 for each additional user

Delivery Pro


All the benefits of Basic+

Connection with E Food, Wolt and fagi platforms

Your Online Delivery Website​

Your package

Create your own package adapted to the needs of your own business 

Automatic points of sale!

Queues at checkouts? Improve order flow  and reduce the cash register burden with Simple's vending machines. 

Pay on your device

Dine in and takeout

Waiting screen video


and points of sale!

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