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Simple Maitre: Manage reservations. 
Simple's Maitre will help you manage your tables and improve the way you handle waits and reservations.
Get 100% from your Tables

Reservation calendar for easy management and assignment of reservations to tables.

Avoid mistakes since the maitre's smart system will notify you of the tables to which a reservation can be linked

Save customers

Smart tags (icons) for customers

Notification for customers who did not show up in a previous reservation. 

All at a glance!

The maitre has a plan of your tables so you can have all the information at a glance! And since the maitre is part of Simple POS, you also have information from the actions of the waiters.

Size of the tables

Indication  in relation to the time of stay

Indication for tables that have paid

Instant display when a table is cleared

Indication when a table must remain empty due to an upcoming reservation

Reservation information on each table

Online reservations

With maitre, you don't just manage your phone reservations, but you are also provided with your own website from which your customers can make their reservations online!

Management  reservation zones, holidays, etc

Ability space selection (eg outside - inside)

Confirmation by email or SMS

When waiting, every second counts!

Keep a digital waiting list and inform your guests when their table is ready, automatically via SMS.

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